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        National Federation of Enterprises in Guangdong sanitary line inquiry into industry status quo
        發布時間: 2013/06/19     瀏覽次數: 4572

        By the National Federation of Professional Committee bathroom home mainstream media matrix and China jointly organized the "New Century Achievement in recognition of years of Chinese sanitary ware industry activity" on the 11th came to Guangdong Kaiping site visits, on-site sanitary enterprises Honor heard presentations and reports, and visited the Hua Yi factory. Then, the delegation on business-related situations and Huayi Huayi Sanitary Assistant General Manager Feng Bo Jin, Huayi Sanitary Marketing Manager Liangxiu Hong discussed and exchanges.

        "" "The following is the record of the discussions:

        [Xie Xin Secretary General]: In Honor before I came, Fujian region impressed me, producing high-intensive enterprises, small to produce rotating taps, small screw enterprises, large like Luda, Nanan "four big family, "the entire Nam are plumbing hardware business.

        Objectively speaking, Huayi really gave me a surprise, because I know much Honor, before coming was not the end. Huayi see today in this field twenty years of hard farming history, size and richness and quality of products that I did not expect, because in other areas, including Zhejiang and see the scale of such enterprises is Small, proficiency is not high. Third Honor richness of products and product quality.

        Among the original in this industry, I value Rutter, this is the truth. Because Rutter gave me the feeling is open factories in mainland China since the 20-year period has formed its own characteristics. But today in Honor, I am glad to Kaiping, see the best companies, including Huayi on the product functional considerations, such as fast mounting boxes, etc., as well as the entire product series level, has its own very distinctive highlights. In addition there are more than a dozen automatic polishing link manipulator, a high degree of automation, which I have visited the enterprises are small, it can be said that you are one, including what I have seen such a big enterprise Rutter, they are now gradually began on the arm, but the large number of factories are still stuck in the artificial polishing stage.

        I always have a psychological complex, mainland enterprises to truly enter into the modern bathroom plumbing hardware or is this thing for 20 years, I am very happy to see that the real national enterprises in this field achievements. I am respected Luda, but Rutter said anyway, after all, is a Taiwan-funded enterprises to enter the mainland, there is a lot about the management of Taiwan-funded enterprises, so it is basically a foundry based.

        So I think in the field of domestic plumbing hardware, no exaggeration to say that Honor is one of China's most outstanding brands, which is no doubt, this is not a compliment, indeed can fit the bill. But standing in the industry, when I have a few feelings and nine recommendations:

        First, strengthen the monitoring laboratories of scientific research, development, production, quality control of all aspects, most of our links is very defensible, as an independent, to design and manufacture molds, which areas in the state before, I just Pollock America Stainless area to see a fully developed mold, mold manufacturing, because the mold is the most critical aspects of product, no mold everything finished, so it is not easy.

        Two o'clock, I pay tribute, although you have been planning to do ceramic sanitary ware, but I'm still right you been doing for over 20 years to pay tribute plumbing hardware.

        We recognize when we examine the first point of departure is to personally see it, the sense of understanding of Chinese enterprises really well, they do well in what we hope to let people know who visits recognition is good, it Why is good. Then immediately want to start voting, I still repeat these words, my heart did not end before coming to after a very pleasant surprise.

        [Huayi Sanitary Feng Bo Jin]: Thank you, thank the Secretary-General.

        I believe that corporate branding is indeed a very difficult process, sometimes tired, but if you want to shape the industry influential brand, it requires us to have an idea: within Anwai strong, this is a must. If your internal unrest, outside how strong I think are false, this idea comes from the 2008 financial crisis, China's leaders out that he is doing the greatest contribution to the world. We know that in order to achieve internal security of foreign powers, we work in brand strategy to introduce a lot of systems, including the three will be the system is reviewed, hearings, coordination meetings, strengthen enterprise management, in particular self-management among employees , self-learning, self-service.

        Meanwhile, the brand has a firm philosophy, including staff values are considered to allow customers to create the most satisfactory products, because after all, is to give our products to consumer customers, they are not satisfied with the product will always sell. 21 years, our product line over 10,000 meters, is not an exaggeration, otherwise our current production capacity can not put too much.

        Also, why Apple could have done so successfully, it is because the corporate culture. We put 13% of the whole group into a research and development personnel, it is because a special emphasis on the development. Consumers like appearance, and if you experience failure, then we are hit with their own brand of foot products, so we will be very focused product development cycle. I have also set up a laboratory belonging to third parties, is now in order to apply them in the name of Honor.

        Another point, the question comes to products, although we have proposed the concept of baths, but engaged in the hardware field for 21 years, we never give up, if the bathroom cabinet and ceramics, and our distribution is 6:2: 2,60% is placed on hardware, 20% in the bathroom cabinet, 20% of our ceramic.

        [Reporter]: We have just visited the showroom and factory Honor, Honor faucet design is very beautiful, very humane, a higher degree of factory automation. However, according to a survey by Sohu home some time ago I know that when consumers buy products increasingly concerned about the brand and health and safety problems, CCTV reported earlier faucet lead pupils in the country failed, so I would like to know the lead content of Honor product aspects.

        [Huayi Sanitary Feng Bo Jin]: We have been doing is the U.S. market, which is the highest market requirements, a slight lead in this product, then you died.

        [Reporter]: How do we lead up to the standard?

        [Huayi Sanitary Feng Bo Jin]: We use 69 copper, lead content was 0.0002, well below the national standard. Make a simple analogy, you go shopping, you smell car exhaust bigger than this, we have done tests.

        [Xie Xin Secretary General]: I added some explanation why Feng always said copper, copper because you use determines the quality of your lead, GB lead levels ten times higher than 0.0002, probably thousandths two look. Now the U.S. government Obama signed a bill will be performing lead-free, lead-free copper is copper lead standard elements to purify completely, and now the United States all of our products are in accordance with standard lead-free operation, which is the world's highest standards.

        In fact, if you can tap into the 69 copper producer, basically this life sucked out from the tap lead negligible. So as unqualified to make four styles, reflecting the hardware industry, a situation that a lot of products in the market is flooded with low SMEs truly excellent brand market share has not been effectively reflected.

        I have read Rutter's laboratory, which allow visitors to very shocking is that it taps the use of a variety of materials like ten years later made a cross-section of the show, including the United States standard copper, zinc alloy, zinc, copper, 59 copper There's even more inferior copper, etc., to see that people buy faucets should buy what material. Now the situation is the people do not see the doorway from the surface, while the prices of various taps were far worse, say it is impossible to tap Huayi very cheap, because the light went raw copper scales are worth a lot of money, so I hope let people know have to buy high-quality branded products. However, 40% mentioned product failure, also shows that the market is flooded with these products.

        [Huayi Sanitary Feng Bo Jin]: indeed, skim management and employee costs, according to the product cost, we are not selling small brands selling price.

        [Xie Xin Secretary General]: Now Chinese consumers have a general phenomenon, decoration, he would first pick bulky, such as bathroom cabinet, but not pay attention to the small, like a faucet. In fact, using the toilet inside the bathroom cabinet is decorative, storage, but the real face, brush your teeth, and even our cooking water is coming out from the tap, many people do not pay attention to this one, so feel the need to include the corporate media popularity of this one up, and raise the degree of awareness up.

        [Huayi Sanitary Liangxiu Hong]: It is necessary to do long term, because it really is not so simple to do the brand, just as we have done the same hardware, we insist on for 21 years, which is why we in the United States, the European market to take root causes Of course, I believe that Chinese consumers will slowly grow.

        [Reporter]: Huayi now export and domestic sales ratio is up to 8:2, then think that a more reasonable proportion Huayi should be like?

          [Huayi Sanitary Feng Bo Jin]: It should be 6:4.

        [Reporter]: exports accounted for 6?

        [Huayi Sanitary Feng Bo Jin]: at least six. You look at Hong Kong, foreign consumers are unlike China ten years after the renovation the faucet did not move, not even for a lifetime, but it is not the concept of the future, maybe I do not like the shape, it will replacement, this is achievable because our quality increased. This is also the domestic market to determine the future of good and bad points, so I proposed that we should be strengthened.

        [Huayi Sanitary Liangxiu Hong]: that white is "change" in the market. Relatively large foreign population mobility in an urban work for six months or a year after a city, but also prefer DIY, rented a house and then will change hardware and building materials, which led to the middle of hardware and building materials to the consumer. The Chinese people, life in a city in which at least be a 2023, and some people even spend their whole lives in a city work.

        Secondly, the ratio mentioned earlier, I think it is bound to change, Huayi now in foreign countries, including in Africa, Europe markets are playing their own brand, including our United States, Mexico is exhibiting its own brand name, but also in a foreign country has its own brand dealers, with this increase was its own brand will gradually larger. I think the future should be firm and market globalization, and slowly it should be no points at home and abroad, just look at how much power its own brand.

        [Reporter]: today visited Honor, Honor in the industry, which is a relatively low-key, branding there is a lot of space. I would like to ask, in this case Huayi there are many new products on the market these products have achieved.

        [Huayi Sanitary Feng Bo Jin]: We are indeed relatively late into the country, so now the biggest problem is the limited number of terminals, including this year. We are confident that the quality of their products, we are using the terminal experiential way, each series has a both a relatively low price, saying that white is the equivalent to the consumers, if they feel good naturally come to buy.

        Huayi recently done an event in Zhengzhou, Lu Yi go to the scene, and in the field loose more than 100 sets of products. Chinese people like word of mouth, we are now very fancy this one. This year, with our on-line bathroom cabinet, especially the National Day promotional terminal, I feel the pull on sales is still very large. I visited this trip southwest, Zhengzhou, and several other places have done a large event, the driving force is really good.

        This year Huayi network construction developed rapidly, Kitchen & Bath Expo in Shanghai this year we have also introduced a number of new products, especially products for the economy this year, the market share is still very evident.

        [Reporter]: Let me talk about my feelings, I put my feelings summarizes several key words, one is intelligent, two is the design, three is in the details, the four characteristics. Smart has two aspects, one of our products, particularly intelligent, humane, this is a very prominent; another one, our production is also particularly intelligent, just said that a lot of automated robotic arm, it should be said The number I've ever seen one of the largest factory.

        The second is the design. I think the design of our products, whether it is design or shape design features are very prominent, left me a deep impression, not only on exterior design, for example, Nicholas series, Locke family, but also very intelligent attention development, for example, the details of intelligent functional design.

        The third is in the details, the first point first professional corporate videos very very good first impression is very good. Secondly, visit your shop, workshop inside very clean, even a little ground to produce parts and other things are not, it gave me a deep impression.

        The fourth is the specialty. Just said stick hardware features, even in the future to go the whole route or stick 6:2:2 principle, which is very good, stick to their characteristics. This is how I feel.

        I have two questions, the first question is that our products do so much intelligent design, including knowledge to see the color temperature of the design, impressed me very deep, how do we make such a design team to remain so good creativity? These designs is that they learn from the international market or their own experiences in life come, Honor R & D team in the management of how to protect their creativity?

        The second question, I have been concerned about the sanitary products for the needs of different groups of applications because of Liuyang, Hunan delegation to go before the action did care for the elderly bathroom and found the elderly demand for sanitary products, with the average adult or have a different place, and since then I have also paid attention to children, there are many different bathroom needs, I know a lot of parents that their children to the toilet, I noticed the toilet too. So I thought, we have no basis for different groups of products designed to make them more intelligent, more humane, this is my two questions.

        [Huayi Sanitary Feng Bo Jin]: I will answer the first question, why R & D team always work so hard. Huayi management is very democratic, businesses allow employees self-management, self-improvement, self-learning. In 2009 we established a new service, and in the last joint of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, University of South China University of several common technical backbone of the enterprise skills were improved once again, we are by all means, let them feel this is his home, they say things they can count, basically can manage their own, they can go to learn, they can upgrade their skills, it is very good, "three unionism" to spur everyone has ownership ideals, so they will always have vitality.

        For you have just mentioned products for different application needs of people, in fact, product differentiation, according to different consumer groups to do something different. In the beginning I said, one of our philosophy is to create consumer satisfaction with products, so each product will be different differentiation. Because I can not engage in a population of five at home inside the toilet, unless you happen to have five toilets, so the general differentiation is based on family-based philosophy.

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