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        ABOUT US

        ABOUT US


             FOSHAN SOWO SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Is a professional development and production of bathroom accessories as one of the high standards of business. Companies with high quality bathtub controller, waterproof TV, intelligent TV, steam generator, shower pulley, handle, magnetic stripe, and other products for the main. While supporting the production of shower and bath products used by other types of plastic parts, while providing product design, mold development, injection molding, and other full-service, dedicated to the implementation details of the perfect bathroom products, functional excellence, quality and stability, safety performance and other aspects to provide professional solutions.


             Companies to set up modern electronic production workshop, focusing Jacuzzi, steam room, a computer control system. Now successfully developed a multi-functional embedded intelligent TV. Can operate various functions from the television screen, equivalent to Apple's operating form. While developing a multi-mode inverter controller bathtub. More advanced, enabling the pump massage intensity and rhythm can be synchronized with the music, now is the industry leader.


             sowo Waugh With years of industry experience and professional technology, dedicated to innovative design concept, dedicated to the production of high-end bathroom accessories. Adhering to the "classic", "timeless" concept, promoting the "touch the world, sliding world" goal. "Honest, win-win" for the purpose. Expectations and higher quality, higher sanitary enterprises pursue sincere cooperation for a better tomorrow.



        Tel:0757-85433100 turn 816    Fax:0757-85433102
        Web:http://www.simonejung.com    E-mail:lucky@china-sowo.com