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        Happy life companions, SOWO Thanksgiving "Father's Day"
        Time: 2013/06/19     Views: 3681

        There is a man, he will always occupy the most strong in your mind, you would like to use your own life to worry him; has a love deeper than the sea than Tiankuo weight than the mountains, you are willing to use their hands to accompany him. This person is called the "father" of this love is called "father." Famous Taiwanese writer Qiong Yao had notes: with thoughts of the moment, be happy; has the pleasure of feeling, of happiness; own father is happy! This "father as a mountain" The most memorable happy feelings deeply imprinted in your mind.

        The annual Father's Day is approaching, no matter whether you are busy at this moment, taking advantage of the free time this weekend, the father smoked spend a happy and peaceful life. Please take advantage of this memorable moment, a home for his father carefully selected gift now! Xi Erwo love with your father, for your father to create a warm home harbor, for your father presented the most intimate care.

        With the increasing demand for home happy, no longer stick to decorate the bathroom the most common white style. Xi Erwo continuation of colorful style home, with a different color with a different color, allow consumers to look into a variety of toiletries, and with personalized bathroom sanitary ware to create different spaces. Xi Erwo "feelings" series of elegant ethnic elements will be naturally integrated into the bathroom, so that the whole family is much more self-confident individual performance, vitality, so he did not truly experience a happy home to enjoy.

        Happy life companions, regret Plearnwan! Here, Colorpro sanitary wish all fathers a happy holiday and happiness!

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