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        Bathroom hardware market darling - Lead Faucet
        Time: 2013/06/19     Views: 4306

        Faucet is in people's lives every day in contact with the improvement of people's environmental philosophy, water saving taps become an important criterion for good or bad. But few people know that tap water is just one aspect, the faucet is currently facing leaded exceeded the maximum risk. Excessive lead can cause anemia, heart disease, osteoporosis and other diseases. In view of this, Kohler, Supor and some other socially responsible companies began producing sanitary launched both saving and environmentally friendly lead-free faucets, product launch, popular in the market immediately.

        In May 28, 2013, held the 18th China (Shanghai) International Kitchen & Bath Show, Supor, Kohler and other domestic brands, through the exhibition to showcase the advantages of unleaded faucet. It is learned that the show brought Supor lead-free faucets when the market by consumers of all ages. May 26 Supor Xi'an a store opening, this lead-free faucets date sold more than 3,000 units, with sales of over 50 million. Faced with such a popular market for lead-free products, Supor marketing director Liu Ying said, "The next 8-10 years, free Supor stainless steel bathroom global output will exceed 10 billion yuan."

        It is understood that in the lead-free faucets selling Supor reasons behind the founder of the Kingdom of Supor Cookware Zengfu a story. According Suzeng Fu introduction, do not look Supor this "0 lead" faucet is a small one product, but spent $ 700 million in research and development costs, scrapped two generations production line. "In the development of a few years, we have done more than 200 million taps, the total value of 200 million yuan, but one does not sell, because the product quality is better in Germany, the price can not let the Chinese people can afford. Wait until combined independent research and development results of the third generation production line, the stainless steel faucet craft to reach the United States, Germany's level, but the price is only the United States, Germany, manufacturers half. "

        According to the relevant data show that China market accounted for less than 21.2% unleaded faucet, lead-free innovation in increasing pressure in the market environment, China's lead-free faucets industry great prospects. Industry experts said that with the United States, "Lead Act" is about the implementation of the new national standard China taps the industry is also corrected in the next few years, China taps the industry is about to usher in the "lead-free era."

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